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"Avyaas" is an online exam preparation application. It has courses from medical entrance preparation to post-graduate entrance preparation. In fact, Avyaas is Nepal’s largest online preparation application that has courses for multiple discipline.

Avyaas is the first of its kind in Nepal. An organisation that leverages best in class teachers, media, and technology solutions to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for Nepali students. We have built a platform that helps Nepali students be the very best they can be. Hence, an app that allows them to maximise their academic achievement and prepare for a future in various disciplines and subjects. Our team of passionate and talented people have together built a learning experience unprecedented in richness, scope, interactivity and effectiveness.

Our Courses

Deisgned by the best education institutions in the country

MBBS Entrance

Perfect for students pursuing MBBS Entrance after NEB board.

Learn Zoology and 3 more

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Engineering Entrance

Perfect for students pursuing Engineering Entrance after NEB.

Learn Physics and 3 more

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MD/MS Preparation

Perfect for doctors aiming placement for PG

Learn Anatomy and 3 more

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Bridge Course

Perfect for students after completing SEE Examination

Learn Physics and 4 more

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