Courses offered in Avyaas

Our app features all courses for entrance preparation from several streams ranging from SEE to MD entrance preparation. And we are not only limiting it to students but also professional employees: Lok Sewa as well.



The one-stop source for all your MD/MS needs.


Bridge Course

Practice questions written by experienced educators to master Bridge Course.



High-quality Pre-MBBS/Pre-Engineering practice questions with detailed explanations.



The most comprehensive question bank for KUMAT/CMAT.



An exam-specific question bank that tests your critical thinking ability.

The easiest way to practice

At Avyaas, we blieve that a user-friendly platform is the first step enhance knowledge and provide everyone a chance to learn. We thrive to increase affordability and accessibility for a fair education opportunity.

Microlearning Resources

We will soon be incorporating microlearning resources for supplemental online training.


Game Mechanics

We will soon integrate game mechanics to motivate and inspire students.


Live Webinars

We will provide opportunities of live events to interact and engage.

We are the one
Who place idea on table

With Avyaas, we want to be able to provide distant learning to students living in rural Nepal. We seek to serve a seamless experience with online learning education for Nepali students by exceeding minimum acceptable quality standards and by providing the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. We want to inspire innovation amongst the youths of Nepal and help ignite digital literacy in our country.

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