How to crack the entrance and importance of online preparation in Nepal?

One of the most difficult phase for a medical doctor comes after the completion of MBBS. Because, now the aim is to secure a seat for the post graduation. And yes we all endured that phase and trust me on this, we will pass out from it as smoothly as our final year exams did. The key to get success in the PG exams (which of course is the key for all exams) is not to miss out the common things which almost everyone will do. So the best way to start for PG preparation is to go through the USMLE first aid daily. Never mind if you finished it a 1000th time but at least read a few pages every day from the first aid. Now there are so many books (Mudit, Amit Ashish, ROAMS, Across, blah blah blah....) and the list is never ending. Basically stick to one book and revise it again and again. With the advent of common entrance examinations we are not sure what will be the pattern of the exam but basically the questions will come from all of these books as most of the content is the same in all of the books.

Make a habit of discussing at least an hour a day with your friends but don't get demoralised by your friend's knowledge rather use that to study more.

The other best platform to add a touch of gold to your preparation is the online platforms to prepare for the exams.

Even though they are virtual, give them full importance and use it to sense the real time scenario of the exam. It helps you to understand the pattern of exam, the common topics to cover, and the most important time management.

The solved answers after the exams are the best material to revise a couple of days before the exam.