How To Prepare For St. Xavier’s College’s Entrance Test

St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar is one of the best plus two colleges in Nepal. There is a total of 338 seats in Biology department and 168 in physics department for which thousands of students apply. There is a tough competition among the students who want to study in St. Xavier’s College. Preparation for the entrance test can be tasking and stressful. But do not let the stress get you. You do not need to study long hours every day.  Do enjoy the break and take out a small amount of time for the preparation. You don’t necessarily need to take a bridge course class to get into St. Xavier’s. You can do so by studying yourself. There are a lot of study materials available in the market which you can use to prepare at home. There is also online preparation app such as” Avyaas” which you can use to prepare anytime and anywhere.

Here are five tips that will help you prepare for the entrance tests.

  • Strengthen Your Basics in Mathematics and Science

    The first thing you must do in order to prepare for the Entrance test is make your basics in Mathematics and Science strong. This is not just needed for the entrance test but is also absolutely necessary for your further studies. To prepare for the test, you need to be able to expand your knowledge and a strong base will help you do so successfully. So, you need to make the basics of Mathematics and Science clear. You can do so by:

    • ● Revise your old topics that you had to study for your SEE examinations.

    • ● Focus on understanding the concept rather that trying to memorize it.

    • ● Practice problems

    • ● Apply Mathematics and Science in real life

  • Know the Test

    The next thing you need to do is know the test you are taking. You need to know the structure of the entrance test beforehand.  You also need to find the topics that are covered in the entrance test. This will help you better prepare for the test. You need to know the following aspect of the entrance test in St. Xavier’s:

    • ● The entrance exam consists of 100 Multiple Choice Questions.

    • ● The questions will be on Mathematics, Science, English and Logic.

    • ● Mathematics and Science will have more question in comparison to English and Logic.

    • ● As there are lot of applicants, there will be multiple shifts for the test and multiple question sets as per the shifts.

  • Use Study Aids

    The next thing you have to do is start the preparation. Try to solve as many questions as possible. Use study aids. Find mock tests and practice as many as you can. When it comes to study aids, you don’t necessarily need to take Bridge Course or even purchase preparation books. Now you can prepare using apps such as “Avyaas” that are completely free and contains questions to practice and also mock tests. While using study aids you need to remember the following things:

    • ● Use question paper from past examinations

    • ● If you are unable to answer a question, instead of just searching the answer, study the topic.

    • ● Try to use platform that is credible and is updated periodically for study such as “Avyaas”.

  • Remain Calm and Focused During the Test

    During the test, most students tend to stress out. Stressing out during the test will make it hard for you to think straight. You need to remain calm and focused during the test. This will help you think clear. If you don’t know the answer to a question, try to recall the basics. And if even then you can’t find the answer, simply skip the question and get back to it later. Always read the questions carefully and decide the topic you want to start first. Starting with the subject you are confident in can help you give a good morale boost. You can try the following things to stay calm during the exam:

    • ● Stay positive and believe you can solve all the questions.

    • ● Wear comfortable cloths.

    • ● Loosen up when seated.

    • ● Take a deep breath if you feel stressed.

    • ● Also drinking water can help you relax.

  • Be Confident During the Interview

    After you’ve cleared the entrance written examination, the next step is the interview. The interview is taken by a panel of three experts. The interviewer not only is trying to see the depth of your knowledge but also know your personality. So, you need to be confident during the interview. You need to be able to show your confidence and knowledge to the expert panel. Remember the following things for your interview.

    • ● Greet the panel of experts.

    • ● Sit using correct posture.

    • ● Be yourself and be confident.

    • ● Instead of simply making the interview a Q&A session, try to make it a conversation.

    • ● Don’t worry about the length of the interview.

    • ● And be thankful.

By considering these factors you can select the college that will benefit you the most. But to get admission in any top Plus two colleges, one must pass their respective entrance tests. If you feel unprepared or feel you need revision for the test, we have a solution for you. Download “Avyaas”, which is available in both Ios (App Store) and Android (Play Store) or visit Avyaas is an online preparation app that helps students who have cleared SEE examinations to prepare for Plus Two entrance tests for any college.