Selecting Plus Two Colleges in Nepal

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to plus two colleges in Nepal. Specially if you live in Kathmandu or want to migrate to Kathmandu for study, there are a number of choices. You might have shortlisted the colleges you want to apply to but how to know which college to choose among the choices.

How to know which college will help you reach your goals? We suggest you to consider the following 7 factors before you make a rash decision.

  • Academic Performance

    Try to find the past academic performance of your all your shortlisted colleges and make a comparison. Try to get at least last five-years academic performance data to make a better comparison. Among the best colleges there might only be a slight difference.

  • Fees, scholarships and infrastructure

    Compare the fees that the colleges take, the scholarships that they offer and also the infrastructure and facilities of your shortlisted colleges. When it comes to fees of a college, instead of making plain and straight comparison, try to compare the utility value. What I mean is try to compare the value you get from paying the fee. See what you get in terms of infrastructures and facilities by paying the fee and will these things add value to you.

  • Curriculum and extra-curriculum

    This is an important factor. Firstly, find if the colleges that you have shortlisted have all the subjects that you want to take. You’ll always do good in subjects that you are interested in. Also shortlist colleges that offer extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular activities are equally important to a student. Some colleges have clubs where students with similar interest can interact with each other. These clubs may be debate club, drama club or sports club. Try to select college which offers a vast range of extra curriculum.

  • Shift (Day or Morning)

    You need to consider the shifts available in the colleges that you have shortlisted while selecting the college. Some college have one shift for Science stream and another shift for Management and Humanities Stream. Also, some college have specific subjects that they make available to students in one shift only. So, if you are comfortable with the day shift, select the college that provides the curriculum that you want in the day shift and if you are more comfortable with morning shift do so accordingly. But if this choice is not available in any of your shortlisted colleges, the only option for you is to make adjustment in your daily routine.

  • Leadership and goals

    Students perform better when the principal and school board members provide strong leadership. Effective leaders are visible, can successfully convey the college’s goals and visions, collaborate with teachers to enhance their skills, and are involved in the discovery of and solutions to problems. Also evaluate the goals and directions that the college is heading towards. Select a college with good leadership and goals that are beneficial to you.

  • Location and distance you must travel

    One must consider the location of the college while making a selection. The location must be convenient to you. If you choose a college that is very far from your residence, you will never have enough time to do anything. Apart from studying, refreshing your mind, physical exercise, socializing and having some time to yourself is must to escape the stress that you may have. But if you spend your whole day traveling to and back from college, you cannot do anything else. This can in return increase the stress you may be feeling.

  • Available residential space

    This is especially important if you are from outside the district. Try selecting a college with living space students in it. If the college that you have shortlisted doesn’t have residential space for the students, select the college that has a proper and available residential space in its vicinity. Getting a proper and convenient residential space will help students adjust to the area and can better cope with the cultural shock that he/she may face.

By considering these factors you can select the college that will benefit you the most. But to get admission in any top Plus two colleges, one must pass their respective entrance tests. If you feel unprepared or feel you need revision for the test, we have a solution for you. Download “Avyaas”, which is available in both Ios (App Store) and Android (Play Store) or visit Avyaas is an online preparation app that helps students who have cleared SEE examinations to prepare for Plus Two entrance tests for any college.